3 Signs That You’re Taking Lessons With The Wrong Guitar Teacher

Are you considering taking guitar lessons with a new teacher? Working together with the wrong guitar teacher leads to a lack of results, unnecessary frustration and even developing bad playing habits. This makes it crucial that you find the right guitar teacher for you.

As a guitar student, it’s not easy to know if you are learning effectively or not (since you are a student after all). To know if you are working with the wrong guitar teacher, it’s important to know the indicators of poor teaching. Read below to learn 3 big things guitar teachers do wrong, and why you should find a new teacher if your current teacher uses these approaches:

They have no credentials and teach through trial-and-error
The majority of guitar teachers never get trained on how to teach guitar. Instead, they teach mainly through trial-and-error. This means their students are essentially guinea pigs who may or may not actually get better from their lessons. Other teachers claim that they can teach effectively because they have a degree in music. In reality, a degree in music does not actually help someone learn how to teach music. It simply helps them understand musical concepts on their own. This makes these types of teachers nearly the same as any average teacher.

The best guitar teachers get trained specifically by an expert to teach guitar as effectively as possible. Although these teachers are rare compared to the others, when you’ve found one, you know you are going to get results!

They don’t show you how to practice
When you don’t know how to practice what your guitar teacher shows you, you are not likely to make much progress between lessons. Why? A major component of guitar instruction is missing, leaving you to learn guitar on your own. It is your teacher’s job to help you understand how to practice… not just show you new things and expect you to figure it out on your own.

The best guitar teachers show you how to
practice guitar right there during your lesson together. This guarantees that you understand what to practice, how to practice it, and how to make the most progress on your own when you’re at home. This is a huge part of why you get better so much faster with these types of teachers.

They don’t teach you based on your specific goals
Guitar teachers who teach students without focusing on their specific goals do not get great results for them. Although beginner students generally need to learn the same things when they just start out, the majority of other guitar students have vastly different goals, needs, skill levels and learning styles. When you work together with a guitar teacher, he needs to create a specific strategy to help you reach your unique musical goals. This ensures that you are always moving forward towards achieving what you want… not wasting time learning from generic lessons that are given out to whoever takes lessons with the average teacher.

If you’re taking guitar lessons with someone who teaches with the approaches above, begin looking for a new teacher fast. Don’t waste your time and money on someone who isn’t bringing you the very best results possible. Find a guitar teacher who will get you the results you want and deserve!