Maybe you've already tried ​working with a guitar teacher, and it didn't go as well as you'd hoped. You may have even blamed yourself for not being "good enough," but if you can relate to any of the following statements, you likely were not the problem: 

​Your guitar teacher asked you, "So, what do you want to learn?" at EVERY SINGLE lesson.

Your guitar teacher played their guitar more than you did during the lesson. 

Your guitar teacher spent more time talking than watching you practice correctly. 

Let's address the problem with each of the previous statements. First, your teacher should ask you what you want to learn at your first ​lesson, but after that, they should have a plan for your success. Most guitar teachers have no plan and just "wing it" at each lesson, desperately hoping you'll like it. They're more concerned with you being entertained than getting results. The big problem with that is by not getting results, you'll never enjoy playing the guitar. 

Secondly, I have heard from many students about their terrible experience with the guitar teacher who tried to impress the student by playing the majority of the lesson. Great guitar teachers don't do that. 

Finally, most guitar teachers just don't understand education. They don't know that people learn best by talking through material themselves or by experiencing it firsthand (kinetic learning, which is learning by doing). Very few people can learn effectively in today's world by just listening to a lecture. 

The average guitar teacher (which is most guitar teachers) teaches in the ways just described. So, if you had a bad experience with a poor guitar teacher, it's not your fault! There are very few guitar instructors who teach the right way and are actually qualified to teach. Fortunately, at Aledo Guitar Academy, ​​

  • Do you struggle with transitioning smoothly between chords?

  • Do you want to play lead guitar but have no idea where to start? 

  • Have you wasted HOURS getting nowhere with YouTube?

What Does This Mean For You? 

This means that no matter what your goals are on the guitar, whether you want to shred like Satriani, play the blues like Stevie Ray Vaughn, or fingerpick like James Taylor, we will come up with a plan to help you reach your individual goals. Our curriculum is tailored to make sure you get the result you're after, not someone else's. 

Benefits of Being a Guitar Student At Aledo Guitar Academy: 

  • Results- you will achieve a result at every single lesson that reminds you that you're moving forward consistently
  • ​Caring instructors that will guide you every step of the way from beginner to advanced playing
  • Multiple program options to suit your individual needs
  • Flexible scheduling option to accommodate busy schedules
  • Convenient location in downtown Aledo- the first and currently ONLY guitar school in Aledo, TX. 
  • Opportunities to jam and play with other guitarists like you

So now is the time. You came to this website for a reason. You're frustrated with your guitar playing, or you're just getting started and know that you want to do it the right way, the first time, because your time and money is too valuable to waste on guitar teachers who don't know what they're doing and on video programs that don't really get the job done. 

"Awesome! What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?" 

​If you live in Aledo, Willow Park, or Weatherford, or a neighboring area, or you don't care how far the drive is and you know you need this, simply scroll down and click on the giant orange button to schedule your FREE introductory guitar lesson today!

Struggling To Teach Yourself Guitar With YouTube And Online TAB? 

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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you've come to the right place- Aledo Guitar Academy in Aledo, TX.  I understand where you are in your guitar playing, because I have been there myself. For years, I tried to teach myself to play guitar with books, videos, and online TAB. I made progress, but once I found a qualified guitar instructor where I lived, everything changed and my playing skyrocketed out of mediocrity. I didn't even realize how slowly I was progressing until I started taking lessons with a great teacher!

​We'll Show You The RIGHT Way To Play Guitar

There's no guesswork when it comes to guitar lessons with us in Aledo, TX. We use a tested curriculum that is proven to produce results again and again, time after time. Aside from the material, which guides you step by step in an easy-to-understand, no-nonsense way, our methods for explaining and helping you retain that material and the skills that go with it are simply better that what the average guitar teacher and most music schools offer. 

The sad truth is most guitar schools and their teachers don't invest in their own continued education to ensure that you are getting the very best at each lesson. Our instructors and the school's owner, Eric Bourassa, continue to push their own knowledge of how to teach and what to teach by going to teaching conferences each year and ongoing teacher training. ​​

Adult Guitar Lessons