Meeting your potential guitar teacher before you start
Before you start lessons with your guitar teacher, it is a good idea to meet them first. 

Like all the reasons stated above, you need to make sure that the guitar teacher you will be having lessons with is someone you can trust, and that you believe you can be coached by. Having that initial confidence in this teacher will help you get into the routine of lessons quicker.  

What experience does your potential guitar teacher have? 
As we stated before, there are different level of experience of guitar teachers and therefore difference prices. One way to find out if their price is justified by their results and experience is asking about them. We suggest you go with a guitar teacher with around 3-5 years of teaching experience minimum, and over that span of time, they should have taught hundreds of students. The more experience they have, the quicker they will be at solving your problems. It’s better not to be someone’s guinea pig student when you will be spending money and time with them. 

This is a dilemma for many people, there are so many guitar teachers to choose from, but who is right for me? Getting a guitar teacher is an important step to making a load of progress on the guitar, but only if you get the right teacher. So what are the measures we can take to make sure that we don’t end up wasting our time, money and effort on the wrong teacher? 

What is it that you are really looking for? 
What sort of music are you wanting to play? What are you wanting to do on the acoustic guitar? Are there any guitarists that you aspire to play like? These are great questions as a starting point to ask yourself when looking for a guitar teacher. You want to go to someone who is going to be able to meet your needs and expectations in helping you achieve the type of playing that you are after. 

If there is a specialist type of music you are after and so guitar lessons such as fingerstyle acoustic guitar lessons, it’s best to go to a specialist. Generally, make sure you go to a teacher who can teach you the style you are after to make sure you progress as quickly as possible. This is the same when it comes to beginners as well, make sure they have experience in helping beginners learn if you are a beginner guitar player yourself. 

In summary, when you look for a guitar teacher, you first need to know what you are looking for. Then you want to look at the results the guitar teacher has gotten for others and the experience they have. Going to meet them is a good way of finding out these answers. And price should be the bottom of your decision making process. 
We hope you have found this article useful. 

About The Author:
Darryl Powis is a guitar school owner, instructor and teacher who helps students learn to play guitar. His school gives Acoustic Guitar Lessons In London.

What will the lessons cost you? 
This decision making part can effect some people a lot when searching for guitar lessons, and rightfully so. Getting cheap guitar lessons vs guitar lessons that may cost more can get you a very different result. All in all, you get what you pay for. Cheaper guitar lessons are often provided by less experienced guitar teachers who may struggle to get you the same results as a more experienced guitar teacher charging more for their lessons. The results can be astounding, you may be able to achieve the same results in 1 year, something that would take 5 years with a cheaper, less experienced teacher!

So actually, you save time and money going for the experienced guitar teacher overall. So don’t focus on the immediate price so much as focus on the guitar teacher in front of you when you make the decision. 

Do you think you would like to be trained by them? 
Do you like this person that you are meeting? Do you think you will trust them, and trust what they tell you to do? 
When you are learning the guitar, the reason you get a guitar teacher is so there is someone to lay out the best path for you, to get you the results you are looking for. If you don’t trust this person, and you go off doing your own research and practise following different people, whether it’s your friends or online. Then you are wasting your money and time. So you are slowing down your progress. Therefore, it is so important that when you look for a guitar teacher, look for someone you can trust to get you what you are looking for. 

Is this guitar teacher going to help you with your practising? 
To be able to improve on the guitar, it is important that practise is done properly and with the relevant exercises. As you take guitar lessons, you will quickly notice that most of your guitar playing time will be spent away from your guitar teacher. Consequently, it is important to know what you should be doing during that time to get the most out of your lessons and learning and ensure you progress. When you get a great guitar teacher who is able to help you with this, your guitar playing will take up like a rocket. 

Can you see evidence of what they have achieved for other students? 
To work out whether they are good teacher or not, one of the best way to do this is to see what they have done for other guitar students. This can either be by referring you to their other students or videos of students testimonial and playing. 

When looking for a guitar teacher, don’t just look at whether they are a good player. Being a good guitar player does not translate into being a good guitar teacher. The art of teaching someone how to play the guitar is different to just playing the instrument yourself. Especially when the guitar teacher has been playing for years, they often forget what it’s like to learn to play as a beginner and the challenges that beginners face. So seeing the results other students have from them is useful way of determining their guitar teacher skills. 

What To Do When Choosing The Right Guitar Teacher For You