3 Ways To Become A Better Guitarist By Taking Lessons With An Excellent Teacher
Taking guitar lessons with a teacher is the best thing you can do to correct mistakes in your playing, make faster progress and achieve your musical goals effectively. Without a guitar teacher, you learn guitar by guessing about the things you need to do to get better – this leads to extremely slow progress at best!

Tom Hess, music career success mentor and guitar teacher trainer, recommends that all serious guitar players take lessons with an excellent teacher: “Many guitarists who became great, worked with a guitar teacher to do it. Fact is, it is nearly impossible to achieve great things fast in your guitar playing when you don’t know exactly how you should be doing it. Having a guitar teacher gives you this information, cutting off many years of frustration that would come from learning on your own.”

We totally agree with Tom Hess here, and this leads to our first point in our list of 3 ways working with a guitar teacher helps you become better:

1. Learning with a guitar teacher helps you understand exactly what to learn to get better.

By taking guitar lessons with a teacher you have access to all his/her experience playing and teaching guitar. After you tell your teacher your specific musical goals, they will make you an effective lesson plan for achieving them. This makes getting better at guitar a breeze, because all that is left for you to do is simply follow what they tell you! This eliminates the frustration that comes from feeling “lost” as a guitar player.

2. You learn how to fix guitar playing mistakes more effectively

It’s easy to focus on the wrong things when trying to fix mistakes in your playing by yourself. Having a guitar teacher helps you understand the root causes of your biggest problems.

Expert guitar teacher, Jacob Melling, says the following: “When you work with a great guitar teacher, he quickly pinpoints the mistakes in your playing that are holding you back. Great guitar teachers have a good eye for spotting the most fundamental errors in your playing that cause surface level mistakes. This way you can quickly eliminate any barriers that are holding you back from becoming a much better guitarist.”

3. Taking guitar lessons with a teacher helps you get feedback to keep you on the right path

One of the pitfalls of learning guitar on your own is you never get feedback to let you know if you're on the right path. This can cause you to waste time practicing the wrong things and learning skills that don’t bring you closer to reaching your goals. A guitar teacher gives you feedback every lesson so that you stay on the right track and don’t end up wasting your time.

With a really good guitar teacher, you will often learn little things about your guitar playing that you never thought of. This leads you to see guitar playing in a different light and opens up a new world of possibilities for you.

As you can tell, there are tons of benefits to working with a guitar teacher. It’s clear that those who learn guitar on their own make much less progress than those who learn with a great teacher. Make the right choice for YOUR guitar playing and take guitar lessons with an excellent teacher.